Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria






  • Removes pond scum and odors: Eliminates fish wastes and ammonia. Digests organic compounds and assists in the breakdown of goose/duck excrement. Rapidly removes dead grass, leaves, and paper.
  • Reduce Excess: Removes nutrients and sediments without chemicals. Decreases Nitrite and Nitrate, and reduces phosphate (which is typically the limiting nutrient for plant growth).
  • Safe and Non Toxic: Non pathogenic/ non toxic to human, fi sh, wildlife, and livestock. It is safe for irrigation ponds and no permit is required.
  • Better water clarity: Clears water and helps restore a healthy oxygen level while also reducing oxygen demand.
  • Product extras: Dry pack means no extra weight when shipping. No “stinky” smells from the product itself.
  • Easy to use: Simply toss in the water soluble bags, apply the bulk product, throw in the tablets, or place the block. Shelf life of at least two years.

What is Macro-Zyme™?

Macro-Zyme™ contains a high concentration of facultative anaerobic bacteria that rapidly reproduce and consume organic muck in your pond.  This high concentration of beneficial bacteria will immediately go to work digesting carbons, fats, starches, proteins, and cellulose materials in your pond, cleaning the pond and improving the smells.

It is the perfect choice for the control and elimination of sludge and foul odor in tanks, ponds, and lakes. Once introduced, Macro-Zyme™ quickly releases billions of friendly and beneficial bacteria and enzymes that work around the clock to clear, neutralize, and purify water.

Used by professionals since 1991, this concentrated professional grade formula was the first on the market to introduce a 1-step maintenance program that utilizes natural bacteria and enzymes to rapidly biodegrade top and bottom sludge while reducing components that contribute to sludge build up in ponds of all sizes. Macro-Zyme™ will also reduce nitrates and phosphates. These bacteria will:

  • Reduce odors in 24 hours or less
  • Rapidly remove dead grass, leaves, paper, fish waste, and organic sludge
  • Clear water and help restore a healthy oxygen level
Pond treatment with Macro-Zyme™ is quick and easy. Once you have determined the total gallons of your pond, follow the label instructions for proper dosage depending on the Macro-Zyme™ size you have. If there is a UV Sterilizer in your watergarden, you will want to turn it off for at least 48 hours after the Macro-Zyme™ application.  Macro-Zyme™ is a blend of facultative anaerobic bacteria and will work more effectively with the use of an aeration device.

Macro-Zyme™ Requirements

  •  Effective pH range is 5.5 – 8.5 (Optimum is around 7.5)
  • Effective temperature range is 55 – 110 F (12.7 – 43.3 C)
  • Minimum dissolved oxygen level required is 2.0 ppm
  • Copper levels must be below .05 ppm