PT4 Tracker TGP Meter

NEW combination optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Total Dissolved Gas Pressure (TGP) probe in one!The Lumi4 DO/TGP Optical Probe allows users to simultaneously measure multiple parameters – Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Total Dissolved Gas Pressure (TGP) and temperature with a single probe.Increasing water temperatures, injection of air in water, algal blooms, or pumping can result in gas supersaturation. This may lead to bubble trauma or sub-lethal toxicological problems for aquatic life. The TGP probe provides an accurate measurement of total dissolved gas pressure. With the addition of an oxygen probe, the user can determine the percentage of TGP attributed to nitrogen & other gases.
Features and Benefits
  • Simultaneous parameter sensoring
  • Easily calculate the percentage of TGP attributed to Nitrogen
  • No oxygen consumption
  • No stirring or flow control needed
  • Fast & Easy Maintenance
  • No regular calibration necessary
  • Rugged sensor cap instead of fragile membrane
  • Electrolyte free, no risk of leakage
  • Error free servicing
Multiple Meter Choices
  • Connects to PT4 Tracker handheld with datalogging
  • Connects to multi-channel PT4 ION Monitor system
  • Connects to PT4 ION Field Case Datalogger (coming soon)
  • Direct connection to PC utilizing ModBus RS485 communication
  • Wireless option available
  • Fish Farms
  • Fish Hatcheries
  • Live Fish Transportation
  • Industrial Effluent
  • Lakes, Rivers, Oceans
  • Research Facilities
  • Hydro-Electric Dams (waterways)
  • Well Monitoring
  • Aquariums
  • Water Treatment Plants, Aeration Basins